Kristen Daniel: The Social Crusader

“What many people do not realize is that doing good work is dirty” Darla Bunting, an advocate of education shared with us. Working towards the greater good is not an easy journey to take but one thing we’re sure of is that Kristen Daniel was built for the ride. As the Co-Founder of The Pentorship, Kristen is using her God given talents to help those who are often pushed aside in our society – the prison community. It’s our sons, daughters, nieces, uncles, fathers, cousins,…

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Jordyn Gaines: Turning The Ordinary Into Extraordinary

In life it’s often the small things we take for granted. Talks with loved ones. The countless birthday cakes we consumed. But Chicago native Jordyn Gaines is a young woman who appreciates her life, her talent, and her business right down to the very smallest detail. Her exceptional, custom cakes have caught the attention of Chicago Legends such as DeWayne Wade, Common, and Chaka Khan and other celebrities alike while staying true to the vision and standards she has set for her business and her life.…

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GG Renee: Embracing All Of Life’s Many Layers

Not too often do you find a writer that can make a generation of women get in touch with their inner emotions, femininity and strength. Maya. Toni. Zora. GG Renee is called to be the chosen writer of our generation. With her insightful and thoughtful blog, All The Many Layers, she is paying compassionate homage to our fellow heroes while creating a space for our honesty, vulnerability, and sisterhood. Introduction + Interview by Melissa Kimble What inspires you to create? Life.  Complexity.  Joy. Pain. Love. …

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Reesa Renee: An Independent Artist Movement By Herself

Reesa Renee is an independent artist, musician, songwriter and lyrical poet from the DC Metropolitan Area. She launched her solo career in January 2011 and in October became the second person in three years to win the prestigious Amateur Night at The Apollo with an original song. On August 28th 2012 Reesa released her debut album “Reelease” which upon release charted at the Top 20 spot for R&B/Soul Albums as well as featured for the week on the “Hot New Albums & EPs” on iTunes. Her…

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Diamonde Williamson: The Biggest Light In The Sky

What makes a woman truly valuable is not determined by the way she looks or how she’s dressed. The true value of a woman lies within her heart and what she gives. Diamonde Williamson, owner of Fashion and Image marketing and Communications boutique firm The Style Diamond, is one of the most valuable women we know. Her impeccable style and strategically artistic business sense is only unmatched by her passion and heart to help others discover their own light. Introduction + Interview by Melissa Kimble…

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Bridget “Bee” Quammie: In Search Of The Best

Bridget Quammie, affectionately known as “Bee” from 83′ To Infinity, believes in exploring possibilities. As one of the top Canadian bloggers to watch, she is always in search of and giving us her best by giving us a unique perspective from her country that is often overlooked in the States. But she doesn’t do it in a way that forces us to pay attention. Her warm, friendly, and enlightening approach allows you to broaden your outlook on life, expand your horizons, and even make new…

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Mo Brown: The Feeling Of Freedom

What makes artist Film Director, Producer, Actress, Host, Recording and Voice-over artist Mo Brown so special is not her many roles and duties. It’s her magnetic energy and aura that captives you and will ultimately catapult her into legendary status. If you’ve ever needed a dose of the feeling of freedom, Mo Brown magically embodies that feeling in every endeavor she undertakes. Introduction + Interview by Melissa Kimble What inspires you to create? What inspires me to create is water, music and children. Children really…

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Rocquelle Porch: On The Bright Side Of Life

Seeing people smile is contagious and good for the soul. When I first stumbled across Consider Me Lovely, I was so enamored to see someone who looked like my best friend or my cousin with such a positive energy. Style Inspirer Rocquelle Porch immediately drew me in with her bright personality. As the Owner of Clutched and Covered she’s living on the bright side of life, spreading the good energy to your closet while also securing a place in your heart. Introduction + Interview by…

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tasha feature

Tasha S. Robinson: Leader Of The New School

With technology and social media, our generation has been given the opportunity to create our own businesses and career paths in ways that previous generations don’t always understand. Although technology can close the learning curve, nothing beats hard work and mastering your craft. Need some help? Tasha S. Robinson , the owner of Imperfect Concepts has not only created a successful business – she’s taken it a step further to help others make theirs successful as well. At the helm of an impeccable brand, Tasha uses…

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Eden and Ellisa Oyewo: The C.O.R.E. of Inspiration

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Being a teenager is tough, but being a teenager it today’s times? It can be exhausting and overwhelming. Luckily we have Eden and Ellisa Oyewo, two sisters who have created a space where our girls can develop in a safe way, while getting the chance to express themselves. Creating Opportunity to Reach Empowerment (CORE) is their movement to develop a strong and positive foundation for females ages 12 to 18.  Allowing females to understand and maintain a healthy level of self-worth through an online…

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