Pushing Past Limits TashaICB3 With technology and social media, our generation has been given the opportunity to create our own businesses and career paths in ways that previous generations don’t always understand. Although technology can close the learning curve, nothing beats hard work and mastering your craft. Need some help? Tasha S. Robinson , the owner of Imperfect Concepts has not only created a successful business – she’s taken it a step further to help others make theirs successful as well. At the helm of an impeccable brand, Tasha uses her own dose of of honesty, compassion, and ingenuity to help you not only grow your business but expand your mind in the process.

Introduction + Interview by Melissa Kimble


What inspires you to create?

I am creative by nature. Since I was a child, creativity has been one of my innate qualities. I remember I would get tired of how my room looked, so I would change the layout monthly– sometimes weekly. Inspiration comes from everywhere for me. I can watch clouds move, play with my niece, see the rain, watch basketball or pin on Pinterest to find inspiration. My sources are endless when I look at all the possibilities.

ICB started in July of 2009 in your small apartment in Dallas, Texas. It has then grown into not only a boutique, but also a blog for entrepreneurs, and most recently your consulting firm. Did you have a set plan in the beginning for your business or did it evolve over time?

No I did not have a plan for my business. I only knew I wanted to run an amazing online women’s vintage and designer resale boutique. The vision grew as I grew as a businessperson. I thought of different ways for expansion but they didn’t feel right, so they never came to life. Everything was a series of stepping-stones. I blogged personally then stopped because I am really private person and it didn’t feel right. When I was running my business, I would read popular business sites but they didn’t cater to my demographic or me. That’s why I created a blog I felt others needed—the blog that reaches out to different demographics and business owners. Consulting literally came out of nowhere. I remember saying I wanted to scale my business. My friend Corey said that I couldn’t just pick up a book, I had to just do it. So, thanks to Corey, I am here consulting, coaching and selling ebooks. Now I have a clearer vision of where I want my company to be. I can see the office building in downtown, and I can see my rock star staff of ten. It’s a very clear plan of what I want to launch in the next 3 months- 9 months- 18 months even 5 years from now.

Via your social media networks, you’ve shared some amazing lessons. What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned about yourself? TashaICB Juicy Couture Dress three

I am emotional, and I am a giver. I used to be a big time people pleaser. I put others’ needs before my own. I still do. If I get a gift card, I immediately think that I will give my sister half of it.  Ultimately, I know who I am. I like seeing others happy, but I had to learn that I need to be happy first. There were moments when I wasn’t happy for my friend’s success. It made me upset. My life coach helped me understand that my happiness was “off” because I kept putting other’s needs before my own, which caused pain. Some many times, the strongest people have the biggest smiles but are fighting the darkest demons inside. Being a people pleaser was causing pain on the inside of me. I have to make sure I am happy before I set out to make others happy.

Many of the roadblocks we face are often ones we create ourselves. How can one become their own biggest fan instead of worst critic?

You have to learn how to be a cheerleader for yourself. I personally do not have a gigantic group of friends cheering me on. I live in a small town far from my friends, so when I do something amazing, I can’t go celebrate with them. I have to celebrate for myself.  I have a wall filled with reminders of past victories. It’s my highlight reel. I go look at trophies, awards, and pictures with presidents and so on. Then, I also have to say, “Tasha you are kicking butt and taking names. People respect you because you are awesome. Don’t worry if your light isn’t shining bright right now, it will because you are victorious.” It all goes back to having a life coach who changed my perspective. If you aren’t applauding yourself, why should other people?

[In a piece by Natasha Brown] Cathy Hughes stated “When you concentrate on yourself, you don’t get the same type of reaction from the Universe and you don’t get the same type of assistance from God”. What have you gained since making the decision to intentionally help others on a daily basis?

I personally believe that we are all teachers by nature. We are set out to share lessons with others. I believe there are some people who are born givers. I was born a giver, and it was embedded in me as I grew up. I started volunteering at the age of 10. I worked at homeless shelters and youth centers. It’s something I am comfortable doing. I always tell others that the people who give the most tend to have the most love and joy in their hearts. God gave me a serious passion for small business, reaching out and giving back. It is also not by chance that a majority of the billionaires and millionaires of the world are also the top philanthropists of the world. You should give because it is in your heart, but I always remember what you give is always given back to you. All I can do is walk in the purpose He provided me, so He can get the glory.  His purpose is for me to be a giver.

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About The Author: Melissa Kimble is an Engagement Strategist and the owner of The 3178 Agency, a PR + Communications Agency. She is also the creator and owner of My Creative Connection.


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