diamondheaderimage What makes a woman truly valuable is not determined by the way she looks or how she’s dressed. The true value of a woman lies within her heart and what she gives. Diamonde Williamson, owner of Fashion and Image marketing and Communications boutique firm The Style Diamond, is one of the most valuable women we know. Her impeccable style and strategically artistic business sense is only unmatched by her passion and heart to help others discover their own light.
Introduction + Interview by Melissa Kimble
What inspires you to create?

The passion that drives me inside. I have this desire to do good for the world, and ultimately change the world. So that drive definitely inspires me.


You have a background in management and marketing in addition to an immense love for fashion. How did these three elements prepare for your experience of starting your own company?

It’s funny because when it comes to management, I’m learning that as I go. As far as marketing and fashion goes, I just have a passion for always expanding my knowledge on the two so I’m always trying to implement what I’m learning into my business. Whether it’s a new marketing trend or fashion trend, I always strive to be in the know.


You’ve curated many fashion brands and projects with your amazing eye. What are the key things brands should be aware of when crafting their image in a digital space? IMG_2328

CONSISTENCY! CONSISTENCY CONSISTENCY. When it comes to social media or anything digital in this day and age it’s “Outta sight, outta mind”, so you have to constantly remind your audience, customers, followers or whomever that you’re present and that you’re working. DAILY. And really hourly based on the social media network.

We follow you on Instagram, and always love how you ooze personal style, comfort, and high fashion. Who are some of your favorite fashionistas and what catches your eye in regards to style?
I absolutely love the way Olivia Palermo and Solange dress. They’re just so put together and they really get how to make prints work! I love prints and they do it extremely well.
Passionately following your dreams is the cornerstone of which your personal and professional life is based upon. What advice would you give to someone who hasn’t yet found their passion/or dream?

In order to find your passion, you have to do everything passionately. – wise words from Marie Forleo

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About The Author: Melissa Kimble is an Engagement Strategist and the owner of The 3178 Agency, a PR + Communications Agency. She is also the creator and owner of My Creative Connection.



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